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Control the progress of the projects portfolio of your
company in a simple and objective way.



AEVO Project is a project management software that simplifies the way you perform the necessary steps to successfully manage your project portfolio:

Plan the projects:Set deadlines, responsibilities, budgets, and goals for your project activities and KPIs to guide the accomplishment of tasks and anticipate risks.

Control execution:Monitor the execution of the work and make the updated project information available for decision making.

Analyze the gaps and act:Identify the main deviations from the goals and define action plans to ensure the success of your projects.


Achieve your portfolio goals with simple, objective and effective project management!

Scope delivered

On Schedule

On Budget

Project Success!

Buscamos sempre o melhor design e usabilidade! Conheça algumas telas do sistema:

Portfolio Overview

Quick access to the overall status of your portfolio. Get further details in a simple way for the most critical projects. Information at your fingertips.

One Page Report

Monitor the details of a project using graphs and indicators of Physical-Financial Progress, Photo Gallery, Timeline of Milestones and different KPIs. All you need for decision making.

Critical Analysis

Analyze the causes of deviations and propose actions for KPIs that did not reach the goal. After all, information without action is useless.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Leave the technical details of the IT infrastructure with us. You only need internet access!

Continuous backup

Preserving your data is essential. Your data has the best backup on the market.

High availability

The system is always on. You can count on reliable access at any time of the day.

Information security

Your data is stored in an isolated databased in Microsoft Azure and can only be accessed with your passwords.

Incident support

Your calls are answered by those who understand the subject!


Contact us and find out more about our products and services.